September 19, 2008 by The Band

Long time no seeing on the internet.
Here we go with an update for the past, present and future.
Since last update we have done some gigs around Sweden with
our usually style of teeth kicking rock. Roaring crowds, blistering riffs high pitched screams.
Totally outrages gigs! We are in this right moment recording new demos for next upcoming
record and of course its supercool. Finally we will celebrate our 10 years of teeth kicking
rock and roll on the 27th of  September 2008 at our homebase Tusen Toner in Kiruna.
Rocket´roll still stands tall and plays larger than life!
October 30, 2007 by Rifle
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Hello people Ronny Rocket  is here to tell you about the latest news.
The band have played two gigs in Stockholm at ROQ and KGB and of course they delivered hard ground and pound-gigs.
Rocket'Roll has never sounded better than this and they are up for some more gigs in the future,  check the gig-section for dates.

Don't cross the line now, remember my words. She's straight out of hell
fdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdstop listen and learn. (Rockaholic Freeloader track nr.4 Lucyfer)

Jun 14, 2007 by Jackal

Finally, Close Enough has been released for your ears to enjoy. Its a ballbreaking knucklesandwich full of rock´n´roll. You can order it through or buy it at Elgiganten or X-it in Kiruna. Since the last update we have done a couple of shows, and they were of course fabulous. On the schedule for now we have a gig at COOP FORUM and probaly one gig at midsummer-halocoust at Svinkallt MC. And we will start recording some new song in the near future. If you wanna buy some supercool Rocket-roll clothes mail

Check out our myspace for
more songs from Close enough: